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10mm Glass Rails

Embedded glass balustrade, with fitting larger glass panels (usually 10mm thick), it can be fairly difficult to get the glass in with a standard grooved handrail and base rail system.

We have therefore worked with our customers and carpenters to introduce the Embedded glass balustrade grooved handrail and 2-part base rail system which provides a straightforward, quick, and professional installation using large glass panels.

The 2-part base rail consists of an ‘L-shaped’ piece that is initially fitted to the string or landing. The glass can then be pushed against this and into the groove of the handrail.

Once in place, there is a piece of beading, similar to a D-shaped molding, which butts up against the glass and when fixed in place, looks like 1 piece. Different size grooves available, please contact us with your requirements. Complete your order online is the quickest way to order! delivery 7 to 10 days turnaround.

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